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Facial Recognition Server, working with IP camera
Access Control/ Attendance / Security/ Retail / Elderly Care

Artificial Intelligence:
Facial Recognition is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithm trained with >100 million faces by deep learning method.

High Capacity:
Maximum 8 IP Cameras and 100 faces in databases
Support > 1000 people flow per minutes

Open Platform:
Support standard IP camera RSTP video stream
Standard API for 3rd party system Integration

Multiple Functions:
Face Capture, Attribute Analyze, Face Recognition


ScanViS AIEng supports facial recognition with IP Cameras, which can support different brands of IP cameras commonly found in market. The device is based on state-of-the-art AI (artificial intelligent) chipset and 3 different hardware models to support 4/8 IP cameras. It provides the most cost-effective solution for small to medium scale facial recognition system.

AIEng receives the RSTP video streams from IP cameras and do facial recognition on the videos. It has a total of 1,000,000 face databases and 300,000 faces in the facial recognition repository, and can recognize 20 people simultaneously from 1 IP cameras.

AIEng is embedded with one of the best facial recognition algorithms in the world that false match rate < 0.00001%. Besides facial recognition, it also captures the face of either recognized and unrecognized people, analyses the attributes including age, gender, glasses, hair style, shirt color etc.

AIEng supports Web GUI that users can do face registration, database management via management Web GUI. Real-time facial recognition result and access logs can be viewed in the management platform also. RESTful API is available to integrate with 3rd party system.


  • Fast attendance for large/meeting venues, schools, buildings, factories
  • Access control for residential properties, clubhouses, laboratories/clinics, museums/art galleries
  • Public Security monitoring for building, railway station, stadium etc.
  • Anti-wandering system for elderly center
  • Retail customer demographic analysis and VIP recognition