ScanViS GateGuard W

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In stock

All-in-one device for Access Control/Attendance using Facial Recognition

Product Features

• High resolution display
• Full HD camera
• Built-in dry contact
• IP65 front panel protection
• Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
• Attendance and entry reports sync to ScanViS Web Platform
• Key Functions
• Access control in residential, commercial or office, buildings.
• Attendance logging in schools, universities or office buildings.


ScanViS GateGuard W supports ScanViS GateGuard software for access control or attendance use cases. Give users a smooth entry experience that does not require tap cards, passcodes or deliberate interaction with a terminal – just look and go.

Touch display, camera and dry contact output for door control is integrated in a durable, industrial grade casing. The weatherproof front panel design has an IP65 rating that makes it suitable to be installed outdoors.

Visitors will be greeted with a user-friendly interface that provides clear feedback of entry authorization. Attendance and entry reports sync to ScanViS Web Platform where admin staff can monitor and manage visitor entries.