Dual Sensor Thermal Imaging System


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99 in stock

The dual-view infrared SV-THIPC5M series dual-spectrum infrared body temperature rapid screening instrument is mainly developed based on the principle of infrared thermal radiation. It uses a non-refrigerated core and low signal-noise image processing technology. It is a non-contact, real-time, continuous and accurate temperature measuring equipment. At the same time, a dedicated software system can be used to visually display the temperature information of the temperature measurement objects. It can be used for entry-exit health quarantine at customs, airports, stations, terminals, land ports, and epidemic prevention in key places such as schools, hospitals, office buildings control scenes are widely used.


Key Features
Thermal imaging function:

  • Resolution 384 × 288, high sensitivity detector
  • Highest temperature cross cursor positioning
  • Supports point, line, rectangle, and irregular area temperature measurement modes
  • Support human body temperature abnormal alarm function
  • Support automatic capture of moving face targets
  • Support wearing a mask to identify the face area to avoid false alarms from non-face high temperature objects

Visible light phase function:

  • 5M high-definition visible light detector
  • Supports automatic exposure control and automatic white balance
  • Supports face temperature measurement mode, intelligently analyzes face targets and measures body temperature, supports multiple alarm linkages
  • Dual light temperature measurement linkage, can draw regular and superimposed temperature measurement information on visible light image


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