ScanViS GateGuard TH

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Product Highlights

Contactless Temperature Sensing
Measure staff and visitor forehead temperature automatically and prevent any fever people entering the building.

Artificial Intelligence
Facial Recognition is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithm with False match rate <0.001% while Correctness >99%.

Liveness Detection:
Differentiate live person from photo or video.

Real Time Alert and Message
API to send real time access log with body temperature.


ScanViS GateGuard TH supports facial recognition for access control or attendance. It can be mounted on the wall near the entrance door or integrated with gate. Registered users simply walk close to GateGuard TH for identity authentication. The device controls the door via Wiegand interface or dry contact.

GateGuard TH comes with integrated contactless thermometer that can measure the body temperature for up to 2m. Only registered member without fever is allowed to enter. GateGuard TH face detection algorithm can make sure the forehead temperature is measured.

GateGuard TH embedded distance sensor makes sure the face is close enough to make accurate measure. The measured temperature are clearly shown in GateGuard TH GUI and kept in the access logs. GateGuard TH supports RESTful API and can send real time access logs with temperature measurement. Management office can detect any fevered members trying to enter the building immediately. The temperature record in access log can be used as a daily staff health report as well.


  • Password protected local management.
  • Windows based Management System.
  • ScanViS Cloud Management System
  • 3rd party management based on RESTful API.