ScanViS Cloud CMS

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A centralized management platform for all GateGuard devices through cloud, it can manage multiple sites and/or multiple GateGaurd Series terminals.

Product Highlights

Low Cost
Low setup cost and flexible running cost

Scalable for multi-locations
Instant scale up, no extra maintenance cost

High availability, high redundancy
Database stored in cloud to recall anytime, anywhere with auto backup.


Cloud CMS allows easy management of the members and devices, access record retrieval and exportation as well as blacklist notification.

As the next generation of ScanViS Cloud Management Platform, it can provide enhanced features like attendance and visitor management system.

Public Cloud CMS offers a low-cost and easy-to-deploy management system to GateGuard devices(including GateGuard, GateGuard PRO, GateGuard TH ). At the same time, it can be scaled up to unlimited devices or scale down anytime, anywhere as needed. There is no extra fixed maintenance cost to run the system, leaving the running cost transparent and easy-to-manage.

The nature of high availability and redundancy from using cloud also makes sure the reliability and sustainability of deploying with our Cloud CMS