Thermal Detecting System (TDS)

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99 in stock

Product Highlights

  • Fast and Convenient
  • 0.5-2m detection range, facial + thermal detection in <1s
  • Multiple Face Detection
  • Up to 3 faces at the same time
  • Surgical Mask Compatible
  • Measure temperature even people wearing surgical mask


ScanViS Thermal Detecting System (TDS) uses a world-class infrared thermal imaging device, which perfectly integrates visible light and infrared thermal imaging. It also uses the most advanced automatic temperature correction algorithm and the latest AI face detection algorithm to accurately measure the temperature of visitors in real-time. When a suspected fever person whose body temperature exceeds the warning range is found, the system will automatically report it so that relevant staff can quickly confirm it. ScanViS TDS can work properly even the visitor is wearing surgical mask.

ScanViS TDS supports contactless temperature sensing from 0.5 meters to up to 2 meters with a very convenience and all-in-one setup. Complete setup: tripod, mounting kit, and USB charging hub are included in the standard package. It has internal battery that can work > 1 hours after fully charged which allow temporary setup in location without power supply.
The system can work on a single machine or connect to a back-end cloud platform to achieve multi-point deployment and control, data traceability, big data analysis, visual data presentation, and cross-platform docking management


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