Openradio Single-band

SKU openradio-singleband

  • Multiple Access Technology (2G/2G/4G/5G)
  • Multi-TRX Radio Technology (4T4R/ 2T2R)
  • High energy efficiency, and multi-carrier high capacity
  • Latest PA technology
  • eCPRI/ORAN split 7-2
  • CPRI split 8 (UMTS&GSM)
  • Compact form factor & light weight
  • Proven best multi-vendor interoperability


Remote Radio Unit
Comba's openradioTM is well known for its outstanding performance while maintaining low levels of power consumption level and noise figure for better receiver sensitivity. We help reduce the TCO for operators and neutral hosts in 5G deployments with the world class, cost-effective, highly reliable, software upgradable and flexible radio solutions.