BT-R1S2-A, BT-R2S2-A DS 2-0-2

SKU BT-R1S2-A, BT-R2S2-A DS 2-0-2

Smart Bias Tee
BT-R1S2-A, BT-R2S2-A

  • Wide-band design covers 600-2700MHz range
  • Support DC voltage and AISG signals via RF feeder cable to TMA or ALDs
  • Complies with AISG 2.0 standard
  • Low insertion loss and VSWR
  • Lightning protection for BTS/Node B
  • BT-R1S2-A is commonly installed close to BTS/Node B and BT-R2S2 is installed on the tower close to VET antenna when no AISG TMA is in use