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ScanViS Deployment Videos

ScanViS Access Control Solution is a face-based authentication system to control door or gate access. It is designed to physically protect property or information from unauthorized people. Here are some of our deployment video, see the device in real environment.

Smart Glasses

Comba ScanViS Smart Glass is part of the Comba smart security solution that consists of ScanViS smart glasses, smart phone, and ScanViS portable face recognition platform FacePack-L. Smart Glass integrated with a 1080P high resolution camera and a 600×480 display plus audio input/output.

ScanViS CamGuard Deployment + MWC19

ScanViS CamGuard supports facial recognition with IP Camera. It can support different brands of IP cameras commonly found in market.

ScanViS Thermal Detecting System

ScanViS Thermal Detecting System (TDS) uses a world-class infrared thermal imaging device, which perfectly integrates visible light and infrared thermal imaging. It also uses the most advanced automatic temperature correction algorithm and the latest AI face detection algorithm to accurately measure the temperature of visitors in real-time.

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