COMBA Digital Temperature Sensing (DTS) - Main Unit

DTS Main Unit is the core equipment of distributed optical fiber temperature fire detector. It has the functions of signal acquisition, signal processing, data analysis, partition setting and alarm setting. It is composed of distributed optical fiber together with signal output module and power module.

DTS Main Unit is based on Raman scattering (RAMAN) and optical time domain reflection (OTDR) principle to be developed, through the backward Raman scattering signal processing and comparison calculated to get the temperature distribution curve, and it can achieve the positioning of each temperature point by combining the light transmission speed with back wave time .



·       Temperature sensing distance up to 10km/channel

·       Up to 4 channels

·       1 meter measurement interval

·       1 meter distance accuracy

·       Less than 1°C temperature accuracy 



·       Smart power grid (early stage detection of power cable fault)

·       Datacenter thermal management system

·       Integrated corridor fire monitoring

·       Electrical hot spots and fire detection of high-rise buildings

·       Road tunnel fire monitoring

·       Subway tunnel fire monitoring

·       Storage tank / gas tank fire monitoring

·       Thermal pipeline leak detection

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