ScanViS ID - GateGuard All-in-one System

Making facial recognition technologies accessible and aordable to enterprises and organizations

Key Features
-Facial recognition Wiegand interface
-IC/ID card reader
-30K databases
-Wiegand interface
-Dry contact
-Wall mount/ gate integration



Portugal (Vodafone office building)

Project requirement
A quick and smooth access control system to manage staff and visitor entry in the office building.

Low user interaction, seamless entry
With face liveness detection, the devices verify each face in less than 1 second. 



It requires no passcode and tap card, offering a totally contactless authentication method for a smooth entry experience.











Hong Kong (SonicMass Beauty salon)

Project requirement
An automactic and eficient staff registration system for roster monitoring at the service delivery points.

Accurate staff attendance record
GateGuard devices were installed at the beauty salon main entrance, and at each message room entrance for staff register before delivering service to customers. Flexible  enough the devices come with an embedded ID reader for customer or visitor check-in. Integrated with the booking system, all GateGuard devices in the salon are centrally managed by cloud server.





Hong Kong (Kowloon Development Company Ltd)

Project requirement
An eficient and user-friendly access control sytem for 3,000 residents moving through the properties.

Real-time access logs and update
GateGuard devices were implemented at the clubhouse entrance and residential towers main entrance to manage resident and visitor access. Visitor greeting message is available to display on the user friendly interface when clear feedback of entry authorization is shown.






Hong Kong (Sino Land-Innovation Lab)

Project requirement
Manage access control of the laboratory.

Access control for restricted zone
ScanViS facial recognition device was mounted at the laboratory access point to control staff entry. User interface was customized with customer's requirement.







Hong Kong (Comba Guangzhou Factory)

Project requirement
An automatic access control system to authorize entry to selected users. 

Staff access for restricted zone
GateGuard was installed at the restricted zone entrance of the factory to authorize access to selected staff teams. User group and access schedule setting can be done via a comprehensible Web GUI.










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