Transportation Network Coverage

Taiwan High-speed Railway

provision and installation of the wireless equipment including multi-band fiber optic remote radio solutions and panel antennas to enable the ubiquitous, high capacity voice and data coverage for the 2G and 3G mobile network systems of all of Taiwan' s major operators.

Taiwan High Speed Rail  is a high-speed rail line that runs approximately 345 km (214 mi) along the west coast of the Taiwan, from Taipei to the southern city of Kaohsiung.


Beijing-Tianjin Rail Project, China

Enabling smooth wireless communications on high speed railways at 350km/h with high uplink and downlink filed strength, optimal voice quality, and seamless switching.

The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail is one of fastest railways in the world with maximum speeds of 380 km/h. The 113km journey between Beijing and Tianjin now takes 30 minutes, shortened from the original 70 minutes.


Qinghai-Tibet Railroad, China

Installation of integrated solution to provide ubiquitous mobile phone coverage along the railway. Comba’s wireless solution centralized the traffic capacity to 2x 6 TRx sites, and distributed the capacity via it s innovative repeater solutions.

 The Qinghai-Tibet railroad is the worlds' highest altitude railway consisting of 45 stations and 2000km of railway.

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