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Our mission
ScanViS expedites the use of top-notch, forward-thinking facial recognition technology for safe, accurate authentication process in both private and public sectors to enhance operation efficiency and team performance. We aim to make ID verification processes more smart, efficient, reliable, and convenient, and to make internal and external services more personalized.


Our team
We are a young and dynamic team consisting of specialists from product development (hardware and software), R&D, technical support, sales and marketing. Working together, we strive for continuous improvement and success on developing and providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective facial recognition solutions for different applications and market segments. Creativity, versatility, and persistency are what drive us to make a strong team and deliver quality services to our customers.


Our offering

Access control solutions
Open, scalable and flexible access control solutions that integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Attendance solutions
Accurate, adaptable attendance solutions to improve on-site operation efficiency and enhance attendee’s experience.

Customer experience solutions
Fast, high performance customer facial recognition solutions to interact with targeted customers, and consolidate customer analytics for service and business improvement.

Public safety solutions
Powerful, robust, self-contained public safety solutions to protect citizens and property for a safer community.

Training, service and support
A range of technical support, trainings, tools that help customers get the most out of their investment and work successfully with ScanViS solutions.

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